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Fry Law Corporation offers reliable and effective representation for those who have been injured at the fault of another. Fry Law Corporation brings a certain level of skill that requires the insurance companies take your case seriously. 

If you've been injured, you need an attorney who will stand up for you when the insurance company tells you that your pain and suffering isn't worth anything.

Sadly, most television commercial personal injury lawyers' lack of advocacy has led to a majority of personal injury attorneys looking for the quick and easy money and not putting emphasis on the fact that their clients have actually suffered. No one should have to suffer at the hands of matter what, and when they do, their attorney should ensure that they are made whole.

We only have a short time on this planet and that time should be spent exactly how each person wishes to spend it.

Fry Law Corporation strives to ensure that, though we cannot turn back time, we can do the next best thing and provide compensation to make up for the lost enjoyment in the past and future. We understand that in a lot of cases, a jury trial is the only way to get what an injured client deserves. As such, we are prepared to go to bat for you.

Why Go With Fry Law Corporation?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of attorneys holding themselves out to be advocates of injury victims. Sadly, Fry Law Corporation has adopted many cases from these so-called advocates only to see that the clients were not put first and early settlement was made priority instead of ensuring maximum recovery.

At Fry Law Corporation, we actually care about our clients. Our clients always come first.

Our passion for helping those injured will be demonstrated in our first contact. We will give you a thorough review and advise you of your potential claims. If you have none, we will tell you and though we will not earn a fee, we will still attempt to provide you with other alternatives.

Car Accidents

The most common form of personal injury is the automobile accident. It happens every single day. Someone is texting, or eating or doing everything EXCEPT looking at the road. 

Fry Law Corporation has assisted many victims of someone else's failure to drive safely. No case is too small and Fry Law Corporation has gotten far more than average for those in smaller accidents.

Occasionally accidents are caused by other factors that may give rise to further allegations. For example, the government is required to do certain things to ensure that the highways and streets are safe to travel. If they don't, they may be held responsible for the injuries. If you need a car accident attorney in Sacramento, we're the firm for you. 

Slip and Fall

A property owner has a duty to provide safe premises for those visiting. The most common instance of slip and fall cases is liquid on the floor. If we can prove that the owner did not adequately inspect the floor, there may be a case.

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Though the facts and circumstances surrounding each case make it nearly impossible to provide a concrete price quote. In most instances, cases are taken on a contingency basis (no fee unless you win).

No matter what, Fry Law Corporation strives to ensure everyone has access to an attorney. As such, we offer very competitive rates and in some instances will price-beat competitors quotes.

Very rarely do clients need to go elsewhere because of the cost. 

Call, click or email for a no obligation consultation so we can see what works for you.