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How do car accidents impact our lives?

As humans, we only have one life to live. Being injured in a car accident at the fault of someone else negatively impacts that life. It takes away the enjoyment we have. When you are injured and in pain, you quality of life goes down. Though no attorney will be able to turn back time, we are able to get you compensated in hopes of bringing your quality of life back up. 

Cars are designed to take the impact of a crash, your body is not. You should not be hurt and inconvenienced because another driver was not paying attention and driving safely.

What to do after an auto accident.

First things first, if you are able to, move the cars out of the way. If you are too much pain or the car is too damaged, just leave them there. Call the police and try to get an officer to respond and take a report. Sometimes they will, sometimes they won’t but you should at least try.

Remain calm. Find a safe place to exchange insurance information.

Discuss the accident with the other driver as little as possible. Anything you say can and will be used against you!

Get treatment. If you are in pain, get to your doctor as quickly as possible for an exam. They will diagnose you and come up with a treatment plan. In some cases it’s surgery, in others, it’s physical therapy.

Call your lawyer! It is likely at this point the insurance company will have called you or you will have submitted a claim. Do not talk to the insurance company about your injuries! Again, anything you say can and will be used against you.

Get your car fixed. In most cases, the insurance company will simply refer you to a shop that is covered in your plan but you can choose your own. 

Once you know the extent of the injuries, you are ready to pursue your case.
How do you win?

Car accident lawsuits are actually quite simple with a good lawyer. The main theory is negligence. Negligence can be defined as the failure to act as one should reasonably act. Specifically, a failure to drive safely. It is a rule to drive safely and we all must follow the rules. When we don’t, we must pay for the damage we have caused. 

Once you prove they are at fault, you have to prove that your damages stemmed from the accident. This can be challenging in some instances (pre-existing injuries, minor impact, etc.). Again, having a good lawyer is the best bet to make sure your chances of getting over these kinds of hurdles are good. 

When pursuing an auto accident lawsuit, you will be seeking money for the repairs, rental cars (if applicable), medical bills, wage loss and pain and suffering, both past and future (if applicable). A good attorney will ensure those numbers are as high as possible. 

Why go with us?

Fry Law Corporation has a team of attorneys that have represented hundreds, if not thousands, of people in lawsuits of this nature. Though most cases can be settled outside of court, if you want full value, the insurance companies need to know that you will sue them if they do not pay you what you deserve. 

The attorneys at Fry Law Corporation care about you. They understand what it is like to be injured and in pain and understand that that has value. They want to see you made as whole as reasonably possible so you can move on with your life. 

Fry Law Corporation takes cases all the way to trial. We are not afraid to do the work to make sure you get what is absolutely fair for the damages you have suffered in a car accident. Very few lawyers can say the same. 

We strive to communicate. We know the legal process can be scary. We will be there for you. If you reach out, you will be promptly responded to. You will receive regular updates. We are a team and we will be working together with you so you will not be left in the dark. Communication is the number one complaint by clients. Communication is our number one priority. 

How to select an attorney. 

Choosing the right lawyer is the most important decision an injured person has to make. There are simply too many bad lawyers out there and the attorney can make or break the case. 
You should talk with at least a couple lawyers. You should ask how often they take cases to trial. You should ask them how long they have been in the industry. You should search them online to see what kinds of reviews they have.

You should pick an attorney that will communicate, will fight for you, who cares and who is aggressive with the other side. 

In virtually all car accident cases, attorneys will work on a contingency meaning they will only take a fee if they recover something. It is typically 33%. Do not be fooled by discount attorneys. Remember the old saying, you get what you pay for. 

About us. 

Fry Law Corporation is here to help you with any legal situation. Our firm specializes in several areas of law, including, but not limited to; simple and complex litigation and trials, personal injury, real estate law and consumer protection.


Fry Law Corporation offers the premier legal services you would expect from a large firm with the convenience and attention of a solo practitioner. We treat each case as if it were our only case. Our clients are comforted throughout the process and satisfied after we have resolved their problems. We strive to make our clients' lives just a bit better when they leave than when they came in.