Do I need to pay to speak to a lawyer?

Fry Law Corporation offers no obligation consultations. At a minimum, you will receive straightforward opinions, advice and options without paying a dime.

What should I expect to pay for legal services?

The answer to this question depends on what type of case you have. Most if not all personal injury cases are taken on a pure contingency basis meaning it costs nothing unless you recover, than the attorney will take a reasonable percentage of the recovery.

With business or personal litigation involving disputes not related to personal injury, attorneys normally charge an hourly fee with an upfront retainer to be drawn from and replenished as time is spent.

In some instances, depending on financial circumstances, some attorneys can offer a flat rate fee for services. It can be one flat fee or a monthly flat fee for representation.

There are a lot of options and Fry Law Corporation focuses on finding the most suitable one for our clients. 

Do I really need a lawyer?

Absolutely. The legal world has grown more and more complicated and filled with technicalities that if not done exactly as required, you can very easily lose your case. 

Having an attorney, especially one knowledgeable, will ensure that you are protected in every way possible.

How long do lawsuits take?

Typically in California the Courts are backlogged. That means that to get to a trial date, most people are waiting at least 24 months to get in a court room. The process in a nutshell is that a complaint is filed and the adversary is named as a defendant. The defendant will than respond either by answering or challenging the complaint based on some technical issue. That is known as the pleadings phase. Once the pleadings phase has ended, each party begins preparing for trial with discovery, either written or depositions. This discovery phase can last several months to over a year. Once the parties have had an opportunity to see each other's evidence, a trial date is set and the case is presented to the jury or judge for determination.

That does not mean that every case will need to go to trial. In most cases, having a reasonable attorney can assist in trying to settle when settlement is the best solution.