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When you think that you are being treated unfairly, or you feel that it is time to get out of a contract, you need to contact our attorneys to find out what your options are and if you have a case. While you may feel personally wronged, that doesn't translate well within the courtroom and even the smallest contract can bring you a huge amount of trouble if you don't take the time to make sure that it is terminated correctly and to the satisfaction of all parties that are involved. 

Generally, contracts are drawn up to protect the company that implements them in their practice. This means that they are not going to be in the best interest of the person that signed them, and everyone in the legal community will go in with this assumption. This means that simply being unfair to you is not enough of a reason to get a contract cancelled, and that many times it is the basis of these contracts. This may also appear in the language of the contract as statements that directly undermine any attempts to get out of the contract. 

Other contracts will have penalties in them, even if you can get out of the contract with very little difficulty. This means that you may have to pay off the company, keep silent about things that you have seen, or even be unable to list them as a reference in the future. These will often hold up in a court of law, but an experience attorney will be able to have them nullified if the company has acted in a way that is actually abusive or harmful to their client. This makes it important to contact an attorney even if you think it will be easy to get out of your contract. 

Our attorneys, who regularly work with breach of contract lawsuits, will also be able to come to settlements much quicker, often using previous case law as precedent to force the hand of the company holding the contract. This is of course important when live negotiations are taking place or when the opposing company has a good lawyer or team of lawyers that are able to counteract the typical arguments that are presented to them. 

Our attorneys are often able to get the best possible results for our clients. When a company breaches their own contract, we don’t quit until we’ve got the best possible result for our client. 

Why Go With Fry Law Corporation?

At Fry Law Corporation, we actually care about our clients. Our clients always come first.

Our passion for helping individuals who have been violated due to a breach of contract will be demonstrated in our first contact. We will give you a thorough review and advise you of your potential rights. If you have none, we will tell you and though we will not earn a fee, we will still provide you with other alternatives.

With other attorneys and non-attorney operations our most important piece of advice is the classic saying: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

We understand that the situation is tough but be sure to vet any and all people or companies claiming to be able to help. Unfortunately, most of them can't. 



The facts and circumstances surrounding breach of contracts make it nearly impossible to provide a general price quote. In most instances, cases are taken on an hourly basis with a retainer deposit payment. However, in certain circumstances, the fees may be flat rate or even contingency (no fee unless you win).

No matter what, Fry Law Corporation strives to ensure everyone has access to an attorney. As such, we offer very competitive rates and in some instances will price-beat competitors quotes.

Very rarely do  clients need to go elsewhere because of the cost. 

Call, click or email for a no obligation consultation so we can see what works for you.

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