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Why Having a Lawyer is Important.

Facing a legal battle is not something anyone wants to do. However, if it happens to you, having a lawyer can be critical.

Most cases belong to the client and not the attorney. However, having an attorney is like having a co-pilot. You are driving the ship but the lawyer has the map.

Fry Law Corporation has seen a lot of situations where having an attorney has helped the case.

In one instance, a personal injury client came in to our office. She handed us a letter from the insurance company that said, “given the minor impact of the crash, we don’t feel you were injured.” The problem is, she was injured. It wasn’t a million-dollar case but it had value. We sued and she ended up with about $10,000.00! The insurance company changed their tune after we got involved.

In another instance, a tenant was being evicted for non-payment of rent and sued for damages. The landlord was demanding over $10,000.00. Fry Law Corporation was able to negotiate a settlement where the tenant got time to vacate and only had to pay $3,500.00. Without us, they would have been kicked out and owing a lot of money.

In a foreclosure case, the client walked in and told us that the bank would simply not return her calls. She was struggling and facing a sale date but wanted to try for a loan modification. She could make the payments but the arrearages were just too high. We sued and within a few days, the bank responded and offered a loan modification. She walked out and kept her home. 

Fry Law Corporation is here to assist in pursuing or defending all legal issues!

This website is for informational purposes only. Please do not construe anything contained herein as legal advice. Each case is different depending on the facts. Most of the content on this site is based on a general application of the law that may not be applicable to your case. For the best advice, give us a call and speak with an attorney.


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