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FLC: Case of the Week - Wrongful Eviction

Fry Law Corporation would like to highlight its case of the week:

Client, single mother of two, fell behind on her mortgage after her and her husband separated. Foreclosure ensued. The bank sold the home to a third party at auction.

Less than a week later, the third party comes to the house while no one is home, breaks in and proceeds to throw all belongings in the garbage.

Problems: In California, self-help is prohibited. This means that evictions need to be done in a very concise manner following all statutes and rules. This does not mean you can break-in and forcibly evict an entire family. 

Items lost include personal belongings of course but most importantly, 18 years of family photo albums. 

Fry Law Corporation believes in civil justice. These people will pay.

Tune in for more weekly case highlights. 

-Christopher J. Fry

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