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Harrisburg woman's 'dirty diesel' lawsuit against VW sent to judge in California

A Harrisburg woman who is suing Volkswagen for selling her what she calls a "dirty diesel vehicle" will have her case heard by a federal judge in northern California.

Morgan A. Horton's suit, filed recently in U.S. Middle District Court in Harrisburg, has been transferred to federal Judge Charles R. Breyer, along with 105 similar cases filed nationwide against VW.

According to a filing by the U.S. Judicial Panel on Mutlidistrict Litigation, Breyer is handling all suits by VW purchasers who claim the company conned them into believing they were buying eco-friendly diesel engined cars.

Instead, VW officials have admitted installing software that allowed their turbocharged direct injection diesel engines to fool emissions tests. The engines could activate emissions controls to pass when hooked up for testing for nitrogen oxide emissions. In actual driving, those cars spewed out nitrogen oxide at up to 40 times acceptable levels.

The scandal affects 11 million VWs worldwide and about 500,000 cars in the U.S.

Horton claims the VW Golf TDI sedan she bought in 2012 is one of them. In her suit, she blasts VW for letting her think she was doing the environment a favor by buying the car. She is demanding more than $140,000 in damages.

The Horton suit is one of 50 complaints from across the nation that were included in the latest batch of cases transferred to Breyer's court this month. Eleven of those were originally filed in federal courts in Pennsylvania.

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