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A breach of a contract can have severe ramifications for any type of business, and may considerably impair the longevity and health of a company moving forward. It is important to find highly experienced law offices that represent businesses of all kinds and structures involved in a breach of contract dispute

To get started finding if a breach of contract has occurred, get in contact with a highly skilled team of attorneys who can represent you to the fullest. Additionally, you will want to schedule a case review to understand and learn how a breach of contract attorney can help resolve the matter at hand. 

Whenever a contract exists between a business and another party, and a provision of the contract is violated, there may be a breach of contract. Although, not all breaches of contract are the same. There may be a breach that is classified as something minor or something major such as a material breach of contract.

When a material breach occurs, it is looked on as the much more serious of contract breaches. This occurs when one party in the contract no longer abides by whatever the contract stipulates. Since this matter is the most serious of breaches, the other being a minor breach, you will want to find the best possible attorney to handle the case. 

A minor breach is looked as something which may not be all that serious, but warrants looking into. A good example of this would be something that was ordered but arrived late. In this case, your attorney will advise you if the damages are significant enough to go forward with the case. 

To begin with and determine whether there was a major breach of contract, the aggrieved party involved must be able to prove that there was an established contract. Obligations of each party in the dispute must be witness to a contract and the breach that may have occurred. 

Establishing a breach of contract in order to collect monetary damages is where your we step in. With our experience working side by side with you, both of us can determine what type of damages actually occurred. In order to collect on these damages, you must be able to provide clear-cut evidence that a breach did in fact occur.

Depending on which side of the dispute you are on, it can have serious consequences, especially if it is your company that is being sued. Thankfully, we are attorneys who specialize in mediating these types of disputes in order to lessen any possible damages. Keep in mind a serious breach of contract should not be taken lightly because it can literally bankrupt your company. 

Hiring the right firm to represent your side is the first step in the process to handling this matter and having it resolved to your satisfaction. When there is a major breach of contract, do not settle for other second-rate law firm, only go with the best! This may be your one and only opportunity to either collect damages or save your company from going under.

Why Go With Fry Law Corporation?

At Fry Law Corporation, we actually care about our clients. Our clients always come first.

Our passion for helping individuals who have been violated due to a breach of contract will be demonstrated in our first contact. We will give you a thorough review and advise you of your potential rights. If you have none, we will tell you and though we will not earn a fee, we will still provide you with other alternatives.

With other attorneys and non-attorney operations our most important piece of advice is the classic saying: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

We understand that the situation is tough but be sure to vet any and all people or companies claiming to be able to help. Unfortunately, most of them can't. 




The facts and circumstances surrounding breach of contracts make it nearly impossible to provide a general price quote. In most instances, cases are taken on an hourly basis with a retainer deposit payment. However, in certain circumstances, the fees may be flat rate or even contingency (no fee unless you win).

No matter what, Fry Law Corporation strives to ensure everyone has access to an attorney. As such, we offer very competitive rates and in some instances will price-beat competitors quotes.

Very rarely do  clients need to go elsewhere because of the cost. 

Call, click or email for a no obligation consultation so we can see what works for you.

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