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If you've ever entered into a contract with someone or with a business, you have specific expectations that the other party will fulfill their end of the contract. By contrast, they also anticipate that you're going to fulfill your end of the contract as well.

Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Sometimes, through no fault of our own, a contract is breached (broken or not fulfilled). When this happens it's called a "breach of contract".

So what happens next? In most cases, the jilted party will want to be reimbursed for their investment in the contract or they will want to see that the contract is fulfilled.

To do this, they may first attempt to negotiate with the other party, however, that isn't always possible. Sometimes the other party isn't willing to work with them, may be out of the area or is simply refusing to work with them to resolve the issue.

This is where we come into play. We are contract attorneys who are experienced in resolving breach of contract issues.

The process goes like this: We will review the contract and file the appropriate paperwork to put it through a court of law demanding that the party fulfills their end of the contract.

They will then take this to a judge to be signed into an order or injunction. The other party may have a few options in regards to the breach of contract. Typically, there are five such options for the party to consider. The first of these is restitution, where the party makes good on the contract. Another option is recission or reformation wherein they may make an amended contract and fulfill that as agreed upon in a court of law. Other options include specific actions that must be taken or they may be required to give a monetary reimbursement which may include restitution, damages, fees from the court case, reimbursement for financial loss or damages, and anything else that the court deems reasonable for the cause.

Our breach of contract attorneys are very familiar with the various terms that are used in contracts and we are able to respond accordingly to ensure that the jilted party is given the appropriate compensation and reimbursement for their trouble. 

Many businesses keep an attorney on staff at all times to ensure that such issues don't happen. They have their attorney go over all of the contracts to ensure that both parties are in agreement at the time of signing the contract. However, this doesn’t prevent breaches from occurring altogether. In business, when a contract is signed and notarized, it's a binding agreement. If there is any breach after the signing, it becomes a matter to be brought before a court of law. Courts will typically first try to get the other party to fulfill their end of the contract and seek the other options if that doesn't work. Doing this without an attorney could be a costly mistake.

Why Go With Fry Law Corporation?

At Fry Law Corporation, we actually care about our clients. Our clients always come first.

Our passion for helping individuals who have been violated due to a breach of contract will be demonstrated in our first contact. We will give you a thorough review and advise you of your potential rights. If you have none, we will tell you and though we will not earn a fee, we will still provide you with other alternatives.

With other attorneys and non-attorney operations our most important piece of advice is the classic saying: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

We understand that the situation is tough but be sure to vet any and all people or companies claiming to be able to help. Unfortunately, most of them can't. 



The facts and circumstances surrounding breach of contracts make it nearly impossible to provide a general price quote. In most instances, cases are taken on an hourly basis with a retainer deposit payment. However, in certain circumstances, the fees may be flat rate or even contingency (no fee unless you win).

No matter what, Fry Law Corporation strives to ensure everyone has access to an attorney. As such, we offer very competitive rates and in some instances will price-beat competitors quotes.

Very rarely do  clients need to go elsewhere because of the cost. 

Call, click or email for a no obligation consultation so we can see what works for you.

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